About Anam Thubten

As a young child growing up in Tibet, Anam Thubten was intent on entering the monastery, where for much of his childhood and young adult life he received the benefit of extensive academic and spiritual training…Read more



Check out Anam Thubten’s Facebook page for weekly quotes and pictures from his recent retreats. Photo Credit: David Tucker

Recent Video Teaching

Meet Anam Thubten through one of his teachings. Click here to see the recently recorded video, “‘Timeless Sacredness’”
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Visit the Dharmata Foundation Facebook page for news of upcoming events with Anam Thubten. Photo Credit: David Tucker

What's New

lotus for Random Reflections on the Path

Starting in March, Anam Thubten will be offering “Random Reflections on the Path” on his Facebook page. These short teachings, poems and observations will be posted periodically during the months to come.  Be sure to like Anam Thubten’s page on FB and share “Random Reflections” with your friends.

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